WORD WARS – News from the Empire

WORD WARS is a series of videos generated by filtering the news from the New York Times based on war related keywords and representing them in a short video clip mimicking the famous STAR WARS opening crawl.

Everything is generated daily and automatically using free and open source software and published on the dedicated Youtube channel. The full process will be completed and a video will be published if at least one news from the NYT RSS feed mentions “war” or a related subjet.

The empire is at war since its creation and its media does not fail to remind us of that, every single day. The YES MEN may announce the opposite, there is no end to eternal war. It may be with Eurasia today or Ocearia tomorrow, tension is on the rise. And doesn’t that feel better with John Williams’ score.

Source files for this project are available on Github under the Free Art License 1.3

On my blog, you’ll find an article where I explain my thought and tool process while making this project.

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