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  • WORD WARS – News from the Empire

    WORD WARS – News from the Empire

    WORD WARS is a series of videos generated by filtering the news from the New York Times based on war related keywords and representing them in a short video clip mimicking the famous STAR WARS opening crawl.

  • Blender-Brussels workshops

    Blender-Brussels workshops

    The Blender-Brussels − also known as Blender BPY/BGE workshops − are a series of monthly work sessions organized by Julien Deswaef and François Zajéga with the aim of providing a regular gathering and knowledge sharing space for artists and coders interested in Python scripting in the context of Blender. The first workshop happened during winter…

  • Statistics of QR codes in the book “Digital art in WBF”

    The Wallonia-Brussels Federation has produced a book which presents the works of 51 artists supported by the Advisory Commission for Digital Art. The book’s title is “Digital art in Wallonia-Brussels Federation Grants 2006-2010”. This book has been put together by La Villa Hermosa. The collective Requiem4tv->http://requiem4tv.com] (which I’m part of) received a grant in 2009…

  • Google loves Wikipedia

    Google loves Wikipedia

    In 2009, in order to get my hands on data visualization and API manipulation, I decided to investigate the relationship that might exist between Google and Wikipedia. Google wants to index the world’s knowledge and Wikipedia is a freely available source. To what extend does Google privileges in its search results pages coming from the…