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  • WORD WARS – News from the Empire

    WORD WARS – News from the Empire

    WORD WARS is a series of videos generated by filtering the news from the New York Times based on war related keywords and representing them in a short video clip mimicking the famous STAR WARS opening crawl.

  • Iterations – The Tech Oracle

    Iterations – The Tech Oracle

    Where internet companies don’t want to burn their fingers on the suggestive, the inefficient, the absurd and mythical, The Tech Oracle (TTO) opens up the spectrum of search query technology to the realm of uncertainty, intuition and even magic.

  • Stick shift drawing

    Stick shift drawing

    Installation in a Renault Clio. Cardboard, aluminum stick, rubber bands, tape, clamp, pliers and crayon. Recording of a trajectory. This project is part of a series of research around the theme “how not to draw”. The objective is to put as much distance as possible between the hand and the crayon. The video recording was…

  • uH bench –  open source public bench

    uH bench – open source public bench

    Get from a standard (Epal-Eur) pallet to a public bench in just a couple easy steps. The idea came while thinking about urban hacking or how to reclaim public space with easy to find material and tools in urban areas.