Tag: Drawing

  • Leapmotion drawing

    Leapmotion drawing

    A simple drawing app using the Leapmotion. Tracking the position of the index and movement generates black or white lines with thiner or larger strokes according to these inputs. Designed to work with only one hand.

  • Stick shift drawing

    Stick shift drawing

    Installation in a Renault Clio. Cardboard, aluminum stick, rubber bands, tape, clamp, pliers and crayon. Recording of a trajectory. This project is part of a series of research around the theme “how not to draw”. The objective is to put as much distance as possible between the hand and the crayon. The video recording was…

  • Triple Play for “Western” (Saule)

    Triple Play for “Western” (Saule)

    Creation of the scenography and the live video projection tool for the “Western” tour of the band Saule et les Pleureurs. The VJing tool was composed of 3 elements: A video capture system, feeding images and analyzing them, to produce generative art based on the “hot spots” visible on stage. A rostrum-camera used to manipulate…