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  • Looping url shortening

    A url shortening service (according to Wikipedia) makes a web page available under a very short URL in addition to the original address. A short URL obscures the target address and, supposedly, only “forwards” the request to the final page. For the fun and the test, I’ve compiled a sequence of short urls that target…

  • Google loves Wikipedia

    Google loves Wikipedia

    In 2009, in order to get my hands on data visualization and API manipulation, I decided to investigate the relationship that might exist between Google and Wikipedia. Google wants to index the world’s knowledge and Wikipedia is a freely available source. To what extend does Google privileges in its search results pages coming from the…

  • _2010


    the more you wait() the more ou get() A small animated card for the 2010 greetings. See it here  

  • 200 Characters Processing Competition

    200 Characters Processing Competition

    OpenProcessing and Rhizome joined forces and setted up a contest inviting artists and programmers to propose their best Processing sketch with this 2 creative constraints: in 200 characters maximum, with no external files. And it’s exactly those 2 constraints that kept me busy. I already had worked on a project where a program displays its…

  • mySpace/Saule : makeOver

    mySpace/Saule : makeOver

    Saule is releasing his new album “Western” on January 19th in Belgium and February 23rd in France under Universal Music France, division Polydor. You can listen to his single “Personne” on his freshly designed mySp00f. The layout is based on the work of Frank, designer of the cover. This post on Mike‘s blog turned to…

  • Lookatmekid : Website

    Based on the beautiful graphics from Baokinh, I was in charge of the Html/Css conversion with some Javascript hacks to make it more fun and then make it all run under a Spip engine. Lookatmekid is a collective (Danse + Video + Music + Text) with Marion Schrotzenberger, Ismaël Colombani and Cosima Jentzsch. Their work…