Journées du Libre : Brussels

Illustration for the poster announcing Journées du libre, made with Processing.
The event is organized by the BxLUG and occured on the 6 and 7 June 2008.

This project is a first try on the following question: what would be an open source image?

One of the ground rules of open source software is that the source code must be given with the software that results from it. In other words, the recipe is allways given with the meal.

How could we apply this principle to images?

In this case, the idea is that the code used to create the image should be fully taking part the resulting image. And so, even if the image is shared or copied, his recipe will always be bound to it.

What you can see here is a scaled down version of the poster. The code is not legible anymore. This is one limitation of “open source” images of this type. If the size of the font is getting too small, the source code is not accessible anymore. The best way to view this work is to download the source code and run it on your system. However, a “web” version of it is running on this page.