Carnivore library under Ubuntu

According to the website, Carnivore is a surveillance tool for data networks. A little tool for a «personal Echelon». And what’s best is that it exists as a library for Processing.

Since there isn’t much documentation for the linux users. I’ll document here my firsts test in getting this library to work under Ubuntu. I use Processing-1.0.5 and Carnivore Processing Library v2.2.3.

Testing the Example 1 from the Carnivore website, I immediately ran into an error with The solution is here. You need to replace the libjpcap file that came with Carnivore by the version recompiled by codeanticode. Then, you get no more errors except the fact that the network interface is inaccessible. A permission problem. Restart processing as root. In the terminal, navigate to the folder where Processing is located and run sudo ./processing. Reload Example 1. Everything should work.

I haven’t found a way to access the network interface without being root but I’m looking for it.