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« I think everybody should like everybody » − Andy Warhol

The [loveMachine] is a program (or as I prefer to call it, a bot) that will automatically log into my Facebook account and repetitively click the “like” buttons on every possible content shown in the home stream.

The “like” feature is what we know Facebook for. It’s a symbol of it. It might be what describes it the most. It is its own metaphor. It is also used by everyone and everybody likes to have a “like” on their post. There is no “dislike”.

A “like” is not a comment (in the Facebook terminology). Though it can have different meanings, such as: “I read”, “I saw”, “I agree”, “I’m watching you”, “I’m here”, “I wish”, “I buy”, “thank you”,…

Facebook uses this feature to profile their users and have them engage with advertisers or any kind of merchants.

So, because I have so many fb_friends I want to please and so little time, I’ve decided to automated my “likes”. So Facebook will have to deal with it (whatever that means) and my fb_friends will be comforted that what they do is right. And I couldn’t wish them better.

The [loveMachine] is now written in javascript and uses CasperJs. The code is free software and shared on Github.

The [loveMachine] is a piece of software art that performs on social networks

This project was inspired by (and is a response to) moddr_, the creators of Web2.0 suicide machine.

The script is running constantly since the 4th February 2014.

Publications, observations and derived objects are posted on the blog: p.xuv.be.