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  • Iterations – The Tech Oracle

    Iterations – The Tech Oracle

    Where internet companies don’t want to burn their fingers on the suggestive, the inefficient, the absurd and mythical, The Tech Oracle (TTO) opens up the spectrum of search query technology to the realm of uncertainty, intuition and even magic.

  • Art Nouveau & nature

    Art Nouveau & nature

    Commissioned by Réseau Art Nouveau Network, this project consists of 6 small online games for children between 8 and 12 years old. The themes is revolving around the favorite subjects covered by the Art Nouveau movement and the relation they had with nature.

  • [loveMachine]


    « I think everybody should like everybody » − Andy Warhol The [loveMachine] is a program (or as I prefer to call it, a bot) that will automatically log into my Facebook account and repetitively click the “like” buttons on every possible content shown in the home stream.

  • Arzach Architects

    Arzach Architects

    Website, blog and portfolio for the belgian architects office Arzach. Graphic design done in collaboration with Ilaine Huang. Web implementation in a custom WordPress template. http://arzach.be  

  • À l’angle du cercle

    À l’angle du cercle

    «66 aphorisms, 66 drawings, 58 musical moments, …randomly associated. 252648 combinations.»

  • Design with Git

    Design with Git

    Research around tools for collaborative practices in graphical design. Design with Git has the ambition of being a software allowing graphic designers to compare in a comprehensible way the different versions of their visual project, and specially the ones done in SVG.

  • Saule – Géant

    Saule – Géant

    Website and blog of belgian music artist Saule (aka. Baptiste Lalieu) for the release of his album “Géant”. Design and HTML/CSS implementation in Spip and WordPress based on the graphic design made for the ablum cover by Fabrice Hauwel & Mickaël leduc. http://saule.be http://blog.saule.be  

  • Bookmarklet for Youtu.be

    Couldn’t find a bookmarklet to quickly make a short link to a Youtube video. So I made it, for fun. 🙂 Drag & drop the link below in your bookmark toolbar and only click when you’re in front of a video page from Youtube. Youtu.be An example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pq9sTR1PKqM&playnext_from=TL&videos=aIMbpJ22PdM&feature=rec-LGOUT-farside_rn-5r-5-HM becomes http://youtu.be/pq9sTR1PKqM

  • Lookatmekid : Website

    Based on the beautiful graphics from Baokinh, I was in charge of the Html/Css conversion with some Javascript hacks to make it more fun and then make it all run under a Spip engine. Lookatmekid is a collective (Danse + Video + Music + Text) with Marion Schrotzenberger, Ismaël Colombani and Cosima Jentzsch. Their work…