Portfolio of Julien Deswaef

Computational Artist | Experience Designer | Interface Developer

  • Leapmotion drawing

    Leapmotion drawing

    A simple drawing app using the Leapmotion. Tracking the position of the index and movement generates black or white lines with thiner or larger strokes according to these inputs. Designed to work with only one hand.

  • WORD WARS – News from the Empire

    WORD WARS – News from the Empire

    WORD WARS is a series of videos generated by filtering the news from the New York Times based on war related keywords and representing them in a short video clip mimicking the famous STAR WARS opening crawl.

  • [loveMachine]


    « I think everybody should like everybody » − Andy Warhol The [loveMachine] is a program (or as I prefer to call it, a bot) that will automatically log into my Facebook account and repetitively click the “like” buttons on every possible content shown in the home stream.

  • uH bench –  open source public bench

    uH bench – open source public bench

    Get from a standard (Epal-Eur) pallet to a public bench in just a couple easy steps. The idea came while thinking about urban hacking or how to reclaim public space with easy to find material and tools in urban areas.

  • WrittenImages : 5imcity2000

    WrittenImages : 5imcity2000

    5imcity2000 is a free interpretation of world cities representation. This piece was produced for the WrittenImages project by Martin Fuchs and Peter Bichsel, a generative book that presents programmed images by various artists. Each print in process would then be calculated individually – which makes every single book unique.

  • “Dawn” – Electro Opera

    “Dawn” – Electro Opera

    Scenographic creation for the electro opera show “Dawn” by Alice Barré and Christel Vanderslyen. In collaboration with Milady Renoir, Paula Cook, Jan Willem de Haan, François Demuth, Olivier Gravensteyn, Fides Cavan, Olivier Pirlet, Sven Célerier.