Every year, I’m so happy to see that the Fosdem is coming back to town. For those who don’t know what it is, it’s a huge free and open source software developper meeting in Brussels. And the fact that it is so geographically accessible makes it a good reason to attend it.

I’m not a software developper but I like code and the dynamic behind the free software movement even more. And just to see thousands of free software geeks gather in one place is something worth it.

So this year, the conference “Hacking with modular hardware: the BUG” was THE thing I wanted to see. And luckily, it fitted in my busy weekend planning. The presentation done by Head of Software Developpment, Ken Gilmer, was quite interesting and fun and ended up with a little contest: give your best “realisable” idea and you could bring a BUG home. I couldn’t let this go without taking my chances.

The next morning, I had a mail from Ken announcing me that I had won. So later that day, I was quite excited to meet him and Peter, CEO of Buglabs at the bar La Mort Subite, downtown Brussels. We had a nice talk about the idea I submitted and their BUG project. They are quite awesome guys. I wish New York wasn’t this far. Because it’s definitely the kind of company I’d like to work for.

So if you end up reading this post, if you live close to Brussels, and if you’re interested in the BUG, please feel free to contact me. I’d be glad to create a small group of belgian BUG users. In the meantime, I promise to keep posting here my little experiences with this tool.