A drawing translated in Chinese.

I’ve just found out that one of my caricatures made for the NoOOxml campaign has been translated in Chinese. (Well, at least, it looks Chinese to me)

During a quick chat with Benjamin Henrion, the main NoOoxml.org campaign’s coordinator, he was telling me how much these drawings had been appreciated and that they had been widely used to spread the word.

So I did a little googleimagesearch and found lots of websites using my drawings. I almost passed by this one without noticing until I realized some text had been added to the image. So I took a deeper look and was totally surprised by the fact that every piece of text had been translated.

I totally approve this (except for the “Office Open XML” in the middle). Text in Chinese looks awesome 🙂

Update: I’m guessing it might be Korean more than Chinese (since the jinbo.net website is pointing to google.co.kr). Apology to the Koreans that I might have hurt 😉